Too much material

Now that I’ve pulled together most (not even all!) of the material on which I was planning on basing the book on, I find that I’ve way too much. The first cut was nearly 400,000 words but ruthless weeding has taken that down to a mere 170,000 although that’s before I’ve started to collect together some reference information which will likely add another 50k words or so.

In that the collection process could take forever, I’ve decided to make a small start on the writing more as a trial run to see just how much of the material that I have would fit into the book format. So far, it looks like there won’t be a whole lot taken piecemeal and it’s more likely to be a reference for the material that I’ll be writing for the book. That should make the book fresher than it otherwise would have been which I’m sure is a good thing.

Still, at least I’ve made a start now.


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