Tootling along with Drug Design (S346)

The first half of the Drug Design course was covering a lot of relatively familiar ground so I managed to get through that relatively quickly. It’s more of a slog at present as it’s going through endless chemistry methods with little apparent connection between them (much the same problem as with S377).

There’s one iCMA on the molecular modelling software which doesn’t count for the final mark and which is basically just there to give you a run through the features of the software. So far, each of the four TMAs seems quite light in terms of time required which is down to them being “fractional TMAs” ie overall they’re probably equivalent to three. The EMA is supposed to be more or less like just another TMA and isn’t released until three weeks before the course end date which is a bit of a nuisance as I’ll be in the midst of the infectious disease course by then.

Still, so far, so good.


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