Towards the end of the Molecules, Medicines and Drugs (SK185) ECA

Although we’re constantly reminded that the Open University has all kinds of checks in place to detect plagiarism, there’s a constant stream of hits on this site around TMA/ECA submission time looking for “SK185 answers”, “molecules medicines and drugs answers” and all kinds of variations on those. Since SK185 is a short course there’s getting on for a thousand students studying it at any one time (double the number for one of the main science courses) and this makes for a whole lot of people searching for inspiration given that the ECA submission date is October 28th.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I’ve not reached the end of chapter 6 so I can do another one of the ECA questions which I may run up this evening as it seems fairly short. The final question is on chapter 8 which I should be able to get through by next week and then there’s just the final couple of chapters of the book to read with no overhanging ECA questions from them.

That would leave me able to submit the ECA by the first closing date but since the 28th seemed way too close to the date of the astronomy exam, I decided a couple of months ago to do the second ECA which means that a) I can’t submit it ’til December and b) all those searching for the answers for the October 28th ECA are wasting their time here as I’ve not even glanced at it.

Overall, I’m quite impressed by this course. It offers a very good re-introduction to chemistry for me and insights to the processes involved in the development of medicines that I suspect I’ll not see again ’til I get around to doing Drug design and synthesis (S346).

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