University of Ulster Postgraduate Insight Evening

The UU insight evening last week was a little odd for a variety of reasons.

For a start, it wasn’t held in the university premises so there was no opportunity to have a look around where we might be studying, nor was there the depth of teaching staff who can be available when such events are on campus. That meant that it didn’t really feel like we were getting a realistic protrayal of what it would be like to study there.

To counteract that lack of university ambience, they had three of the former postgraduate students talk a bit about their experience but in practice they spoke more about where their various degrees took them rather than what it was really like to study there. That wasn’t there fault as the initial presentation by one of the university staff was also more about where you could go with a postgrad qualification form them than about what the study experience would be like.

The target audience was largely those who want to do their postgraduate study part-time so you’d expect that the mix of people attending would be quite different than were at the Queen’s postgraduate event a few months ago. In practice though, it seemed like a very similar group, albeit a much, much smaller group.

So, although billed as an evening to give you some insight of study at the university, in reality it didn’t do that.

The next series of events with them are based at the various campuses so should be rather different experiences and give more of an idea of what studying there would be like.


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