What about the psychology?

When I kicked off my planned degree with the OU back in 2009, the intention was to do a psychology degree. Snag was that with end in sight of the named science degrees, and me finding biology absolutely fascinating, I ended up taking a slight diversion into what’s shortly going to become my Life Sciences degree.

However, I’ve not forgotten about psychology. In fact, I’ve been a student member of the BPS since back in 2009 and have been going to various events over the years. This year is turning into something of a bumper crop of events with the taster of clinical psychology day a few weeks ago, the annual taster of psychology day today and several more events courtesy of the 55 year psychology anniversary that Queen’s are running this year.

My problem is that I find both biology and psychology fascinating and I don’t know what to do when the life sciences degree is completed later this year.

The clinical psychology event clearly shows that getting into professional psychology is almost certainly not an option so long term it would appear that psychology, whilst fascinating, is a dead-end for me. On the other hand, I’ve not had the opportunity to go to a similar event for biology so it could be that it would be a dead-end too. That said, at the moment, it looks like the path to more advanced biology is doable with, seemingly, no insurmountable obstacles to get into the masters and then doctoral programmes. Apparently, getting into a psychological doctoral programme is a major undertaking requiring the masters but also a whole heap of relevant experience (which you can get via volunteering) that would take some years all by itself.

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