What degree are you doing?

When you’re starting out on your first degree that’s usually a fairly easy question for most people to answer. They’ve gotten themselves all fired up about a particular subject and are at least intending to follow that through to the end.

It’s different when you’re doing a degree part-time though. Sure, there are people who are all fired up about a particular subject and will follow that through to the end. But there are a lot of others who are fired up about a whole range of courses or are looking upon it as life-long education. For that group, it’s not always obvious what degree they are doing at any one time as it’s quite easy to flick from one to another as you carry along.

Take me for instance. Since the start of last year I’ve done courses in biology (5), physics (3), computer science (2) and history (1) which is fine as I’m broadly aiming to complete a life sciences degree by 2014. However, the pattern for next year is almost certainly going to be completely different. Moreover, when you tot up the points totals it’s currently looking like my “miscellaneous” degree will be completed first and that’s currently a very varied degree indeed with contributions from mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine and history.

Actually, apart from life sciences, I don’t really think of myself as doing a degree at all but rather a whole series of really interesting courses. For a first degree that would probably be a recipe for disaster on the CV but for me the degree is just a side-effect and not an end in itself.

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