Where do ice cream vans go in the winter?

Icecream vanIn some ways I always expect that as the weather gets colder, the people running the ice cream vans would swap over to some kind of hot food van but they never do.

Once the summer is out of the way, both the ice cream vans and their hot food equivalents disappear until the following spring. Almost simultaneously too which is peculiar because they’re rarely in the same spots so don’t get the chance to say “is that you finished for this year?”. It’s also a bit daft as I’d have thought that most people would continue to buy from the hot food vans quite a while after it was a bit too cool for ice cream.

Just where do they go over the winter though? Aside from one, somewhat knackered, old hot dog trailer, I’ve not seen either an ice cream van nor a hot food one parked anywhere. I suppose they could migrate south for the winter but given the relative lack of fluency in foreign languages exhibited by their owners I don’t really rate them as migratory beasties.

Of course, perhaps since they’re so good at predicting when the winter will set in they’re all closet meteorologists?

Does anyone know the answer?

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