Wow – Christmas is just round the corner!

It hardly seems any time at all since we were packing up last January and making a start to moving back to the UK and now Christmas is only a matter of weeks away.

As usual, we’ve not yet really gotten going on our Christmas letter that goes along with the cards that we send out to far flung relatives. Also, as per normal the first of theirs has just turned up and, of course, it’s from Faye in Canada.

In previous years we needed to be a whole lot more organised with the Christmas presents in that we needed to get them on one of our relatively infrequent trips back to the UK if we wanted them to be in English. This time around we’re back to our old habits and have barely a present bought or even thought about for anyone. Still, if nothing else, the prices and availability of stuff is much improved from what it was in France. Even more noticeable is the difference in the Christmas cards: instead of really naff and expensive ones, we’ve a sensible selection at half-decent prices in all the shops.

And, of course, there’s the Christmas markets which ironically have more French stalls than there were in France!

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