A new variant on the Technorati favourites scheme: MyBlogLog

Just when you were thinking that the work is all over, here comes another variant of the favourites scheme.

This one seems a little simpler at first sight, if that’s any relief!

OK, the steps:

  1. Signup at MyBlogLog, if you haven’t done so already. Recommended anyway as that lets you add things like the “recent readers” widget that you see on this site.
  2. Join my community by clicking here, then “join community”.
  3. Write a comment here to let me know you’ve done it.

I will in turn join your community ASAP. If I’ve not done that within two days, post a reminder as a comment to this post.

New entrants:

  1. AnitokidJoin the Community
  2. Tech Lock-RahulJoin the Community
  3. Technix UpdateJoin the Community
  4. Techno Diary
  5. The originals:

  6. Foreign PerspectivesJoin the Community
  7. Julies JournalJoin the Community
  8. Nathan DrachJoin the Community
  9. the.[ED]itionJoin the Community
  10. Wireless LAN SecurityJoin the Community
  11. Make Money with a 13 year oldJoin the Community
  12. Allaedin´s BlogJoin the Community
  13. Bob Buskirk.comJoin the Community
  14. Jon LeeJoin the Community
  15. Everyday WeekenderJoin the Community
  16. Bryan’s RantsJoin the Community
  17. Shawn KnightJoin the Community
  18. Kelly ChoJoin the Community
  19. Reformat ThisJoin the Community
  20. Ms. DanielleJoin the Community
  21. The Man of SilverJoin the Community
  22. Nate WhitehillJoin the Community
  23. Leo ChiangJoin the Community
  24. Garry ConnJoin the Community
  25. SamanathonJoin the Community
  26. Mr. Gary LeeJoin the Community
  27. Feats of a Chilean Dot Com EntrepreneurJoin the Community
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